87th National Day of Saudi Arabia

87th National Day of Saudi Arabia – The first of its kind in the Kingdom’s history


The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is moving forward at an incredibly fast pace since the past few years. With development on the rise, the Kingdom set out to celebrate its 87th National Day with a completely new approach.
W7Worldwide partnered with the General Entertainment Authority of Saudi Arabia to lead and manage the media center during both, the preparation stage of the events and on the day of the events itself. W7Worldwide clubbed teams together to work on producing dynamically strategic content to respond to any situation proactively.
Since this was a rise of new concepts, ideologies and events, it was important to W7Worldwide to be prepared beforehand to respond to any situations that may occur. Moreover, managing the media center of these innovative events was a first – this obligated us to be proactive in our approach and leave no stone unturned.

How we made it happen


W7Worldwide was a key component of the General Authority for Entertainment’s activities during the 87th National Day of Saudi Arabia in the clear-cut production of news content for events in the Kingdom. This is why the process was overseen by an integrated methodology that confirmed impact and a smooth transfer of ideas, allowing the masses to take in the overwhelming celebration in a composed manner.
We crafted featured content that whipped up excitement and enthusiasm while keeping it aligned with the editorial policies of the Saudi press. That’s not all. A team of eight senior executives from W7Worldwide was present on ground, creating suitable content and dispatching it to fitting media outlets to ensure maximized coverage. We also functioned as the liaison between the General Entertainment Authority and the Saudi, regional and international media.


In this revolutionary time that is shuffling mindsets and introducing a new set of ideas, W7Worldwide realized the necessity of creating content that fit well with the masses whilst highlighting the efforts and significance of the GEA. This approach led to coverage on an abundance of media outlets and platforms all of whom shed a positive light on the content.
As for the audience, they were captured by the content that was crafted, diminishing the rise of negative occurrences.
In addition to that, the Kingdom celebrated its the 87th National Day like never before.