Saeqty Application – Power to Women


In 2018, a Royal Decree by King Salman Al Saud allowed women the freedom to drive in Saudi Arabia which has been one of the most important decrees that has opened the doors for women in line with Vision 2030 with the objective to empower women with more freedom and provide them with the ability to realize their dreams and be more active in the evolving Saudi Society.

Such a decree has also opened a new door for creative and functional ideas that benefit women and offers them an opportunity to explore the world of transportation and to earn extra money or make it a regular job.

W7Worldwide had the chance to introduce Saeqty, an app that is designed specifically for female drivers and operates similar to Uber or Careem, to the Saudi public. The application is the first of its kind in the region and the world and gives women a special place in the society as it caters specifically to their needs.


A new app that is mainly targeting female drivers only breaks cultural norms which meant that our communication had to be very careful. In addition, we knew we were fiercely competing with other apps such as Uber and Careem as it started to accept women to drive during the same time the app was coming out. This meant our strategy had to create a loud bang.

Our strategy for Saeqty was to not just create an effective content strategy but also, quickly and effectively deliver all the messages to the right target audience. We decided use the right social media influencers who can deliver the message and vouch for the application and its importance in the Saudi society landscape.

We also aimed at positioning the Saeqty brand as a thought leader and a maker of change that has disrupted the industry powerfully. Thus, create a direct relation between the app and women empowerment in line with Vision 2030 and the national transformation program 2020.


2,257,800 impressions.


The results of the campaign proved W7Worldwide’s ability to make bold statements about bold applications that will be change the industry.

It also showed our ability to ensure quality communications throughout the duration of the project enabled us to create a long lasting impact on the transportation industry in Saudi Arabia and have shown powerful support to the Kingdom’s reforms.