With the Vision 2030 now in action, sectors and industries all over the Kingdom are working towards achieving these goals and objectives, and the technology sector is undoubtedly leading the progress. Aligning with the objectives of the Ministry of Communications & Information Technology, the MENA Information Security Conference set out to tackle the cyber security challenges that threaten the wide Internet world, especially intersecting with economic, financial and service diversification fields.
W7Worldwide was engaged to plan and implement the 2017 Information Security Conference in Riyadh in the MENA region, where it shed its focus and expertise to raise awareness and hype about the conference, and manage the press conference as well.


Engaging the target audience was priority. We tailored 5 press releases (directed towards 8 well-renowned brands that specialize in cyber security) highlighting the top sponsors of MENA ISC 2017 – this sparked an interest in the target audiences of those companies, allowing the outreach to be maximized.
Using social media, we crafted an interactive plan that was informative, and we passed it on to the target audience bit by bit, establishing a flow of information that was very impactful and easy to take in at the same time.
During this entire process, we were actively involved with the media, reminding them about the importance of activating cyber security in KSA and its positive outcomes in the future.


1.2 Million Impressions


11 Million Impressions

Impressions on Twitter

Despite several setbacks that occurred due to unforeseen circumstances, W7Worldwide was able to achieve an impressive 1.2 million impressions, which highlighted the agency’s ability to manage drastic situations. However, that was not it. Before the launch of the conference, W7Worldwide was able to secure an incredible 11 million impressions overall.
In less than 30 days, W7Worldwide managed to secure coverage in a record time after conducting an extensive media exercise. W7Worldwide’s dedication to the project was able to make 31,345,000 impressions.