Bupa Arabia – Healthcare Innovation for the Saudi Market


As the Kingdom’s largest healthcare insurance provider, Bupa Arabia has an important role to play with its life-touching healthcare solutions, tailored specifically for the Saudi market. Always on the forefront of anticipating and meeting local market needs, Bupa Arabia launched two new product offerings specifically aimed at Saudi Arabia’s B2C customers.


For this unique set of products in the insurance industry, W7Worldwide needed to develop a smart campaign that tackled the B2C segment of the market.  The new products needed a whole new way of communicating and engaging with the target audiences about healthcare insurance.  At the heart of our communication strategy was the message of Bupa Arabia as the most innovative healthcare insurance provider who disrupts the market with its customer centric approach that positively changes the perception of insurance.

The approach for the Bupa Parent products revolved around conveying the innovative approach of Bupa Arabia in creating a person-cantered offering that relieves working adults with elderly parents of the worry about their health.  The equally customer focused Saudi Families and domestic workers products address specific local market needs in providing insurance to cover potentially expensive treatments. The concept of the campaign also focused on positioning Bupa Arabia as a local company that curated these unique new products and services specifically for the Saudi market.


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