Connected Through Allah Even When Disconnected by COVID-19


Hajj 2020 was held under special circumstances never witnessed before by the current generation. COVID-19 represented unprecedent challenges, tough decisions and fear. Being a one of the pillars of Islam and a dream for a most if not all Muslims around the globe, the decision to limit Hajj to only 10,000 people was a very hard decision by the Kingdom’s leadership to ensure that the spread of the disease does not go out of control. With such foresight, the Kingdom managed Hajj with the utmost safety precautions and was able to ensure the safety of those who were able to perform it with powerful success having had no cases resulting from haj.

Continuing its efforts to highlight the Kingdom’s and the leadership’s effort year after year and to highlight the important work done by the Kingdom to ensure a safe hajj in and outside of COVID-19, W7Worldwide developed and executed a campaign that celebrating the Kingdom’s extensive efforts and highlighted the hard decision made during Hajj.


W7Worldwide’s concept for the video was to show support in a way that would demonstrate the Kingdom’s efforts and show the world why the decision was made since, at that time, many have had objections to the limitations of hajj.

W7Worldwide did so by showing the world’s support for Saudi Arabia from around the globe and the WHO as well.

Hajj is a very sensitive topic especially when it comes to closing down the gates of Al Haram in front of millions of Muslims around the globe. Therefore, one of our biggest challenges was to ensure that our message reached the target audiences in a way that would not stir up any controversies, rather, overcome and show the world the reasoning behind the decision and the global support the Kingdom has received.

Building on our position as local energy but with a global reach, W7Worldwide team crafted the right messages building on the idea demonstrating global support to the tough decision made to limit hajj to 10000 people.

COIVD-19 communications especially when it comes to Hajj owing to the fact that our target audience, the general public, is very challenging since the people were already feeling the negativity surrounding the pandemic.

Additionally, Al Haram was on full lock down during Ramadan and Eid as mosques closed down. For this reason, we wanted to spread positivity in the community and have them appreciate the Kingdom’s efforts, precautions and cost to ensure while Hajj happens, it is very safe.




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