W7Worldwide COVID-19 Resource Centre – Communications for a Changing World

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Nobody knows what the post-pandemic reality will look like. What we do know is that things will never go back to the way they were. Communicators must continue to support business, governments, and organizations produce solutions and help drive them forwards. Strategically, communications is more important than ever. To anticipate the changing world we live in, PR & Communications Professionals must be educated, multi-disciplined, creative, and strategic thinkers.


As soon as the pandemic hit, W7Worldwide set up its dedicated Covid-19 Resource Centre with an ongoing series of English and Arabic free-to-download expert guides, articles and best practice advice to support communicators and business leaders.  The W7Worldwide COVID-19 Resource Centre is a first of its kind in the region by a Saudi communications agency. The guides cover topics such as crisis management planning, Public Affairs, Employee Engagement, Influencer Marketing, Digital PR and various industry sectors, including healthcare, transport, construction, cybersecurity, and communications. W7Worldwide set out to establish the agency’s thought leadership in all matters of corporate communications whilst supporting the community it serves through every stage of the crisis.

The approach was to provide clear guidance at a time when businesses were scrambling for reliable information on communicating with their customers, employees and stakeholders through uncertain times. As a local agency with international reach, W7Worldwide wanted to establish themselves as the go-to source to help brands bridge their communications knowledge gap with continually updated quality content.  In creating a regular series of expert guides, we are taking our target audiences by the hand to support them throughout every stage of the Covid-19 crisis with our insights and easy to follow guides. In 2021 we expanded our target audience to include sectors W7Worldwide is currently operating in and new sectors the agency wants to reach.


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