Bupa Arabia- KSA’s Largest Insurance Provider


Bupa Arabia, the largest insurance provider in the Kingdom, has for the last 25 years offered holistic healthcare solutions for both organizations and individuals. It has been at the forefront of providing programs like Tebtom and Rahtekom, designed to offer best-in-class health insurance.


Following success in 2021, W7Worldwide created a highly engaging communications campaign for Bupa Arabia in 2022, that consolidated the company’s position as a leading healthcare company in KSA.
We developed core insights fused with outstanding communications strategies and industry knowledge to upscale the Bupa Arabia brand and accomplish its communication vision in record time.

W7Worldwide built a powerful platform to communicate Bupa Arabia’s full range of activities and achievements. We facilitated annual planning sessions to develop the annual strategy to strengthen Bupa Arabia’s position as a thought leader in the insurance industry.
We fortified Bupa Arabia’s media relationships by organizing calls, meetings and networking events with target media outlets, ensuring the most ‘newsworthy’ stories were published.
Extensive research underpinned W7Worldwide’s recommended 2022 plans for Bupa Arabia which included the 2021 End of Year PR and Communications Report, 2022 Themes Plan, and a 2022 Awards and Events Plan.
We executed each plan to the highest standard, securing some of the most well-known and respected events of the region alongside key milestones as the year progressed.
The results were exceptional in meeting our client’s aims and demonstrated W7Worldwide’s skilful media relations capabilities.
We held extensive dialogue with the organizers of the InsureTek Conference 2022 to ensure Bupa Arabia was positioned as a sector leader. We developed CSR and other content used during the conference. Ultimately, we helped position Bupa Arabia in a special industry report developed by MEIR as a leader in digitalization.
Bupa Arabia has achieved remarkable results through conference participation and award recognition. We have worked closely with Bupa Arabia to highlight these achievements through press releases, television and radio interviews and compelling social media campaigns.
The positive impact we helped secure for Bupa Arabia illustrate W7Worldwide’s professionalism, creativity and commitment to providing leading-edge expert marketing communications.


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