MENA ISC 2021 – Cybersecurity Vigilance Monitoring & Mitigation
(Best Use of Reporting and Measurement) Winning Campaign at PRCA MENA Digital Awards 2022


The Middle East and North Africa Information Security Conference (MENA ISC) represents the biggest Cybersecurity Conference in the MENA region.  Hosted by cybersecurity advisory company VirtuPort for the past 9 years, the 2021 event took place in Riyadh as a virtual event on 25th – 26th May, featuring the theme “Continuous Monitoring and Mitigation. Understanding the Impact in a 5G Era”.

W7Worldwide was elected as communications partner to MENA ISC for the fifth year running on the strength of its cybersecurity and technology credentials. The conference brought together the best and brightest in the information security field, creating opportunities for conference attendees to learn about Cybersecurity’s most important issues in the MENA region through first-hand interactions with peers, luminaries, and top companies sponsoring the event.

Building on our previous years’ experience of helping to continuously grow visibility and reach of this important industry event, W7Worldwide’s efforts attracted over 2,000 high caliber international and regional cybersecurity experts from more than 40 countries. W7Wordwide’s PR campaign faced the additional challenge of taking place during Ramadan and Eid, which we turned into an opportunity to reach online target audiences with digital PR efforts.


W7Worldwide faced a major challenge in 2021 as MENA ISC took place right after Eid. This meant Ramadan and Eid fell into the pre-event PR campaign phase of MENA ISC 2021. This posed the challenge of the media being mostly focused on Ramadan news and slower in responding, due to reduced working hours during the Eid break.  Hence W7Worldwide created a strategy built on our powerful of media relationships and experience of promoting virtual events with engaging digital PR campaigns.

W7Worldwide is characterized by its ability to understand not just the brand, but the entire market the brand operates in. We diversified the channels for communications for MENA ISC 2021 by integrating, Newspapers, broadcast and social media into one platform.

W7Worldwide produced a strategy that provided multiple opportunities and touch points to create awareness and visibility before, during and after MENA ISC, maximising exposure and available budget.  We developed thought leading content to give MENA ISC and VirtuPort an influential industry voice.

We highlighted the rapid rise in cyber security risks since the Covid-19 pandemic to emphasize the relevance and timeliness of MENA ISC in keeping businesses resilient.


W7Worldwide has transformed ASJC’s corporate communications strategy and worked towards associating the company with sustainability and a deeply rooted history of developing and providing the most cutting-edge, energy efficient building management solutions.

We met the objective of reaching trade media to target specialized professionals, clients and those who are interested in the sector in Saudi Arabia.  The company was positioned as a truly local company that has developed its own solutions based on the specific market needs and requirements.

The exercise had a strong impact on the brand, positioning ASJC as industry leader, having handled some of the most important projects for the Kingdom.  SEO results now feature ASJC in the top search results on the first page of Google under key words such as Al Haram, Makkah Cooling, HVAC and others in Arabic and English.

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