OFSAC – Highlighting the Importance of Safety


The Kingdom’s push to pay closer attention to the global safety, in line with Vision 2030, against fire hazards in the petroleum industry, where safety is naturally a constant consideration, fire and explosion hazards are special concerns. This justifies outstanding measures (norms, standards and manuals) taken in recent years by the Saudi Ministry of Interior and the High Commission for Industrial Security, to tackle the fire risks in the Saudi industrial sector in general, Oil, Gas and Petrochemicals, in particular.

For this reason, The Saudi International Oil Fire Safety Conference (OFSAC) represents an important event in the world’s largest producer of oil country as the Kingdom seeks better standards in safety and pays closer attention to the application of polices.

Being managed by the Riyadh Exhibition Company, it required top notch communications strategy that will enable them to highlight the event and shed the light about its objectives.


The Main challenge for us was to build the platform of a niche market, being fire safety for oil and gas. Another challenge was to simplify the information, facts and figures about the fire safety for the oil and gas industry for general public consumption.

In line with the objectives of the event, we sought to highlight its importance by employing strong tactics through our powerful strategy. We, therefore, worked towards creating the platform by highlighting the oil and gas market in Saudi Arabia covering the production and future prospects of the industry in the Kingdom.

Furthermore, we shed light about the event being a government event in line with Vision 2030.


338,131,389 Impressions


The results of the event proved the efficiency and effectiveness of our strategy having obtained powerful results and sustainable impact therefore reaching the target audience.

it is worth mentioning that we have also conducted an extensive exercise with CNBC to highlight the event. This resulted in CNBC producing a segment on () TV Program to cover the OFSAC and what to expect.


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