Raffles Makkah Palace – Award-Winning Luxury Hotel


Raffles Makkah Palace is an award-winning, premier venue attracting millions of visitors every year.


W7Worldwide developed a comprehensive communications strategy to position Raffles Makkah Palace as the gold standard for venues in the region and beyond. Through a combination of detailed research, compelling content, we cemented the brand as an industry leader and generated substantial media interest.

We successfully aligned the hotel with the ambitions of Vision 2030, achieving extensive press coverage. SEO results ensured further exposure of the Raffles Makkah Palace brand, and helped W7Worldwide exceed client expectations.

The campaign demonstrated the unique dynamism the hotel offers as the leading luxury destination in KSA. We showcased the pedigree of the Raffles brand and underlined its quality to potential guests.

In such a competitive market, promoting luxury is not enough; so we went beyond the brief to demonstrate the hotel’s active role in the local community and integrate its work with Vision 2030.

We generated positive media coverage through educating and informing the general public and potential visitors to the holy sites thus linking Raffles Makkah Palace, its position in the Kingdom and Vision 2030, with its target audiences.

Before launching our campaign, the W7Worldwide team conducted extensive research to fully understand the Raffles brand and its competitive context.

We devised a comprehensive media strategy to communicate the prestige of the Raffles Makkah Palace, centred on distributing engaging press releases to key media outlets across the region to educate them about the Raffles Makkah Palace and its unique concept. We also utilized social media to share our press releases on channels such as Twitter to create further buzz and engagement.

Our campaign focused on two key contexts: the foresight of Vision 2030 and the reaction to the pandemic. By demonstrating the company’s key role in the hospitality sector, backed by innovations like the Raffles Guest Service Program, we drew on the excitement surrounding Vision 2030. By highlighting the recent health security measures taken by Raffles Makkah Palace, we also gave reassurance to guests visiting the venue during the pandemic and afterwards.

Our campaign to promote the Raffles Makkah Palace as the number one luxury destination in the region was an unequivocal success, helping the hotel to bring increased business value and media exposure.


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