Tabadul: Transforming Logistics


Since 2009, Tabadul has been advocating digital transformation to facilitate the global trade system effectively and playing a vital role in evolving Saudi Arabia as a smart logistic nation.

The company was seeking a communications strategy that is able to position the company as not just a market leader but also as a local thought leader in the transportation logistics industry in Saudi Arabia and the GCC.

Using a strong strategy, the W7Worldwide seasoned experts were able to achieve the outlined objective by developing the right key messages through a holistic methodology.


The transportation logistics industry is not one that is easily understood by the general public, rather, the industry experts only. Therefore, the W7Worldwide team needed to analyze all the given information, extract the key messages and develop coherent content around it as the message need to reach industry experts and the general public alike.

In order to so, our team had to work through a lot of unorganized and scattered information about the project that required collecting, categorizing, and analyzing.

Additionally, the next step for us was to simplify the analyzed information. This step is very important especially that the team needed to study the industry and hiring the assistance of Information technology communications and transportations logistics consultants.

We also capitalized on the project’s vital role in contributing to the Digital Transformation Program and the Vision 2030.

Eventually, we built the key messages house brick by brick based on the unique and strong features of the project and created a winning content strategy that would be easy to resonate with the target audience.


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