Opensignal: Translating mobile analytics into compelling consumer news


Opensignal is a mobile analytics company recognized as the independent global standard for measuring real-world mobile network experience. The company’s crowd-sourced reports regularly generate highly insightful and compelling statistics of how consumers interact with mobile networks. 

W7Worldwide needed to create a route for highlighting Opensignal’s analytics reports that covered Saudi Arabia and the broader GCC region, ultimately raising awareness of Opensignal among mobile phone users in Saudi Arabia, generating interest in the analytics reports and gaining share of voice for Opensignal in a crowded media environment.


We identified the critical need for all Opensignal’s analytics reports to be translated from English to Arabic in order to achieve the relevance the company desired. We reviewed each report in detail and meticulously translated the technical content prior to release.
We developed a detailed media outreach program across key news titles in Saudi Arabia to give each report the best chance of success.
Each analytics report was accompanied by a press release highlighting the key findings. We sought to make each communication as relevant and compelling as possible to maximise coverage. We ensured all journalists received personalised contact so we could address any questions they might have.
Each press release was carefully crafted to focus on topical issues relevant to consumer mobile phone usage. This included consumer-friendly data such as pre-dawn smartphone usage during Ramadan, which highlighted slower network download speeds in Saudi Arabia during the holy month between 3am – 6am due to large user numbers placing pressure on the mobile networks.
Based on our expertise across strong national and specialized media relations, we succeeded in generating powerful coverage of 84 press stories in media outlets and social media platforms.


84 Clippings


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