Uplifting the Saudi Cybersecurity Talents


Fortinet, a global leader in broad, integrated and automated cybersecurity solutions, expanded its operations in the KSA with a new state-of-the-art office in Riyadh to better support Saudi clients and leverage the area’s diverse high-technology talent pool. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia aspires to be at the technology forefront in the region and globally, which makes cybersecurity a critical topic. Against greater competition and a move of more cyber security companies shifting their focus towards KSA, W7Worldwide needed to produce a campaign that would set Fortinet apart and create a bridge with local target audiences.


The announcement of Fortinet’s expansion in the KSA needed to make a splash and generate the necessary buzz to establish the brand in the Saudi market and elevate it above its competitors.  We had to make a complex topic relatable and understandable. With the COVID-19 pandemic monopolizing the external media agenda, we highlighted the rapid rise in cyber security risks to emphasize Fortinet’s important role in keeping businesses resilient.  The campaign also aimed to educate the target audience about Fortinet’s positive contribution to nurturing Saudi talent with its powerful partnerships with leading academic institutions.

We designed our strategy around several touchpoints to maximize audience reach

  • We announced Fortinet’ expansion of its operations in the Kingdom, positioning the company as a leading cyber security service provider in the Kingdom.
  • Highlight Fortinet as a critical solution for businesses at a time when cyber attacks were on the rise during the Covid-19 pandemic.
  • Fortinet is unique in its efforts to close the cybersecurity skills gap and address the talent shortage in Saudi Arabia by working with leading academic institutions and providing them Fortinet’s NSE certification curricula to prepare students for a career in cybersecurity.
  • We launched the Fortinet Academy in partnership with Tabuk university highlighting the importance of the Academy and how it ties in directly with the objectives of the Kingdom and Vision 2030.




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