W7Worldwide – Building Cultural Bridges


Saudi Arabia has gripped the world’s attention with its transformative growth. With the country considered a growing business hub, more and more international organizations from across the globe are ready to enter the Saudi market. We felt that the agency, which was increasingly gaining exposure in the region and globally, needed to raise public awareness of the incredible diversity and history of Saudi Arabia, the Arabic language, culture, history, customs and traditions.

As a Saudi agency with the specialism of producing localized strategies and communications, W7Worldwide leveraged the opportunity of special days and occasions, such as Arabic Youth Day, World Arabic Language Day, Women’s Day, Saudi National Day, Haji and Ramadan to reach out with interactive media campaigns to build cultural bridges and engage local, regional and global target audiences.


W7Worldwide was conceived to create a home-grown agency of international standard that plays a proactive role in driving best communications practice and advances the status of the profession in the region. To understand public relations practice in the Middle East and Saudi Arabia, it is important to know how cultural factors effect audience preferences, habits, and influences.

Communications strategies and PR campaigns need to consider the strong interrelationship between knowledge, history, culture, and public communication.  We created our annual ‘Building Cultural Bridges’ campaigns around special occasions that could be leveraged to engage audiences with educational and emotive content to create connections and open the window to the Kingdom’s vision, culture and special celebrations.

The team elected to leverage specific special occasions and celebrations as the main campaign hooks.  This was to capitalize on the events’ visibility across all media platforms, to prompt conversation and engagement about Saudi Arabia, its vision, culture and current transformation under Vision 2030. We created all resources in both Arabic and English, which was important to us as a local agency operating to international standards.

We selected W7worldwide’s social media and digital platforms as the optimum channels to disseminate our messages.  Investing our own resources and time, W7Worldwide launched individual campaigns around the key dates we had identified.


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