Saudi Arabia celebrates its National Day on the 23rd of September of each year, holding a multitude of celebrations and festivities. It’s the perfect opportunity to rejoice all the things that make the cities across the Kingdom special, from its spectacular scenes to its rich traditions and culture.

National flags lined up on streets, patriotic songs being heard everywhere, and cars decked in green and white color fill the atmosphere with joy, happiness, and zeal. It’s a day where everyone stands together with love and pride for the nation.

The W7Worldwide team joined in the celebration by creating a powerful and yet meaningful content piece along with an emotional video.

We were able to secure approximately 3 Million impressions in total on social media alone. As for the content piece, it gained notable recognition when it was picked up by the Saudi Commission for Tourism & National Heritage which is a great feat to achieve.

The creative piece developed was viewed by not just people living in Saudi Arabia but also, several countries around the globe including, among others, the USA, UAE, France, UK, India, and many others. Basically, we believed that showing patriotism by celebrating National Day must be in parallel with our hard work.

Taking this opportunity, we would like to give a very special thanks to the Saudi Commission for Tourism & National Heritage for publishing our content piece.

We look forward to seeing more development in the tourism sector and support the Saudi Commission by sharing with the world the cultural values, beautiful heritage, hospitality, and generosity of Saudi Arabia.

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