W7Worldwide for Strategic and Media Consulting is celebrating the 92nd Saudi National Day with the release of a short video highlighting citizens’ patriotism, hospitality and generosity through a variety of Saudi traditions and culture.

The clip shows the commitment and pride that Saudis feel towards the Kingdom, especially on the National Day, which is a special occasion that commemorates the unification of two regions into Saudi Arabia.

The video begins with the opening of doors to guests and visitors of the Kingdom and the Two Holy Mosques, representing the warm welcome visitors receive in the Kingdom and the spirit of Saudi generosity. A cup of coffee and a plate of dates perfectly express this generosity and are an important part of Saudi hospitality customs.

A large part of the video also focuses on the age-old tradition of coffee in Saudi Arabia. The year 2022 is being celebrated as the Year of Saudi Coffee, as designated by the Kingdom’s Ministry of Culture to globally promote Saudi traditions and the Saudi coffee as an integral part of the local Arabian culture.