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W7Worldwide Report: PR industry seamlessly adapts to the digital era, in numerous ways

PR professionals should use innovative strategies that leverage digital technologies and build strong ties to audience, to help confront future challenges and stay ahead, according to W7Worldwide new report

Making the PR Impact in The Digital Age

The world today is undergoing a sea of change. The whole gamut of our behavior and business; education and careers; progress and developments; and even the nature of crimes and conflicts have been shaken to the roots. The process was set in motion during the 1990s when the internet began gaining ground globally. The pandemic years during 2020-21 only speeded up the process that took us all to a digital realm creating a tectonic shift in all sectors, affecting life globally — personal or public, individual conversation or business dealings, and media or public relations.

New W7Worldwide report: PR key to sustainability and ease climate impact

Amid the growing threat of climate change, W7Worldwide — Saudi Arabia’s leading homegrown marketing consulting agency — recently published an insight report titled “The PR Role in Climate Crisis” to press home the urgency of the situation.

Boosting PR Campaign Performance with Artificial Intelligence

Despite the mounting concerns surrounding the impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI) on the field of public relations, AI applications have ushered in a host of benefits for PR experts. The industry is urged to embrace the ongoing AI revolution, empowering PR professionals to master the tools and software at their disposal, according to a statement by PR consultancy firm W7Worldwide.

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