• W7Worldwide received a total of 49 nominations and 8 prestigious international and regional Public Relations and Communications Industry Awards.
  • In 2021, W7Worldwide established a stronger than ever media presence for its customers across a diverse range of industry sectors.
  • W7Worldwide issued 12 indicative industry reports, 12 video clips and 12 infographics, which lead to 220 thought leading articles and media coverage, and brought 11,876 web visitors.

W7Worldwide Strategic Communications Consulting Agency releases its latest annual report for 2021, showcasing how the agency successfully faced the challenges posed by the constant market changes in the wake of the COVID-19 crisis. W7Worldwide’s consistent focus is on uplifting and positively promoting the evolving communications sector. The agency proved to be a trusted strategic partner for its clients, through its unique approach to communication, the team’s professionalism and creative talent. Click here to view the full report. During 2021, W7Worldwide continued its dedicated efforts to build brand reputation, in the midst of significant changes in the work environment, such as hybrid working, sustainability and localization initiatives. The agency pushed further to reshape the concept of communications with clients and the media, as well as within W7Worldwide itself. The annual report highlights W7Worldwide’s ability to develop communication strategies and plans for diverse brands locally, regionally and internationally. This includes the corporate, healthcare, technology and cybersecurity, financial, insurance, consumer, FMCG, HVAC, energy, hospitality, aviation, not-for-profit and public sectors. The agency once again proved to be the preferred communications and media partner for customers in the technology and cybersecurity fields. Moreover, with strong technical content in Arabic, the agency enabled its clients to reach and engage new audiences that were previously unreachable with targeted localized communications strategies. W7Worldwide performed exceptionally well in establishing a strong presence of its customers – a variety of leading brands – in the media. The agency’s professional team – with their outstanding media relations skills, in-depth knowledge of local and global markets, and proactive approach – provided clients with deep insights and expertise. Always driven to think outside the box, the team developed strategies that were able to effectively attract and engage the intended target audience in the relevant markets. In line with W7Worldwide’s ongoing efforts to elevate the communications industry in the GCC and MENA region, the agency now leads the way in terms of developing strong and sustainable corporate communications strategies. It is this approach that has led to the longstanding, loyal client relationships and communications partnerships W7Worldwide has successfully maintained with leading international, regional and local brands. The agency’s leadership regularly contributes with thought leadership articles to promote the importance of corporate communications as the foundation for any communications strategy. During 2021, W7Worldwide continued to take the lead in its response to the pandemic with its one-of-a-kind dedicated COVID-19 Resource Center. The center became an inspiration and key reference source for corporates, providing the most important information about the market and community in both Arabic and English for free. Companies were able to benefit from the well-researched reports, guiding them on how to navigate through the various stages of the pandemic, supporting them. W7Worldwide’s award-winning COVID-19 Center reaffirmed the role of public relations as a vital function in sustaining the economy and for the survival of businesses. The report revealed that W7Worldwide’s achievements were reflected in the volume of access to media content from press releases, visuals, infographics, motion graphics and other effective products. Furthermore, the agency issued 12 indicative reports (one per month), 12 video clips and 12 infographics which lead to 220 media coverages, 11876 visitors for the website, downloads from the website reached 8,947 times while the number of times the content was accessed exceeded 745 million. Maintaining its leading position in the region, W7Worldwide again received numerous prestigious international and regional industry awards, recognizing the agency’s innovative client campaigns and industry leadership in the past year. The agency’s continuous commitment to focusing on the client creates effective communication campaigns and strategies that enhance brand reputations and empower clients to achieve their business goals.