Inayat’s proactive role in the industry has enabled him to operate and gain insight in numerous industries, such as:

Inayat also specializes in:

Abdulrahman managed his first initiative – the biggest Islamic contest that generated an incredible buzz online.

He initiated translating Islamic songs to 4 different languages: English, Japanese, French & German.

Inayat successfully completed an English course.

He enrolled in the University of Business & Technology where he pursued a major in Marketing + Inayat also began working as the firm as the Digital Media & Social Media Supervisor at a local agency.

He was always curious to employ his skills and talent, which led him to work for an international firm.

Inayat achieved a promotion that progressed his role from managing operations to becoming the co-founder and the strategic planning director.

Graduate Abdulrahman co-founded W7Worldwide achieving the first step of his ambition to establish a competitive and professional workplace by managing a local company in the communications industry and lead it to be recognized reputably in the global market.


Cofounder & Strategic Planning Director



His passion for communications roots in the intricacy of the concept itself, which dates back to the great tales of history where battles were won with the power of words and prophets assembled nations that still live on. Communications to him holds a deep significance, where he believes that if it is done right, the impact can be everlasting.