We have realised, through our experience, that time has changed the way that people interact with one another. With the many side effects that this has had, it has also opened the door for millions of opportunities that have changed the face of communication today.

W7worldwide has been intensively and thoroughly involved in the communications market to determine the one factor that is the key player for PR & Communications – By Whom? It doesn’t matter how great your strategy is or how well you know your market or even how creative your idea is, if your representation is bad, all of your investments will go to waste.

Being the most challenging question out of all the Ws, by whom defines the idea, technique, platform, or even person through whom a brand chooses to communicate their message. W7Worldwide has cultivated this new approach because what matters most is who or what carries the message that is being delivered. Take the former U.S. President, Barack Obama, for example: BlackBerry, a telecommunication brand that was adopted by the President of the United States throughout his presidency, became a statement of strength and security. Why? Because the personality that was operating it was powerful, prominent, and influential.

But that’s the beauty of by whom. It isn’t limited to people or personalities, it is inclusive of everything that can deliver a message. Facebook portrays this perfectly through its safety check. Facebook is big on its value of security and privacy of its users, which it seamlessly reflects through its Crisis Response interface where people are able to confirm their safety amidst catastrophic events.

We use by whom to ensure that we pick the most effective medium to carry the message of the brand in order to ensure full impact with clarity diligence. Especially because all the strategies and plans that have been made so far finally meet the audience and make an overwhelming difference.