W7Worldwide Marketing Communications Consultancy Agency has released a 7-step guide on how companies and organizations can engage the community during Ramadan through Corporate Social Responsibility campaigns amid the global Covid-19 crisis (Click Here to Read Full Report).

Corporate social responsibility efforts during Ramadan have long been associated with an increase in charitable giving and volunteering.  This year, however, marks a different Ramadan owing to the current situation and companies need to stand in solidarity with their target audience and support Covid-19 relief efforts.

For over 1.6 billion Muslims around the world, the holy month of Ramadan is a time of fasting, gathering for prayers, renewing kinship ties, family time, and benevolence.  One of the most important aspects of Ramadan is charity and the act of giving to those who are in need, not just for the good the charity does for the receiver, but also for the spiritual reward it provides the giver.

The Covid-19 pandemic has impacted everyone’s life and a meaningful Ramadan 2020 CSR program needs to acknowledge the crisis, approaching the month with a mindset that places its essence at the core of all communications.  Brands need to adopt a sense of community with empathetic and emotional communication that resonates, creating the traditional feeling of togetherness, companionship, and hope, despite social distancing.

This year many charities and not-for-profit organizations will be focusing on Covid-19 relief efforts to help support the vulnerable in society.  Partnering with such an organization will reinforce and align company values and vision by working on joint initiatives that make a positive contribution to the community.  Engaging employees in such a partnership with volunteering creates additional common sense of purpose and achievement.  Companies need to consider how best they can be part of and contribute to the local community with services, equipment, donations, volunteering, or expertise.

‘Companies and brands can collectively help to make this year’s Ramadan a special one despite being apart.’ says Abdulrahman Inayat, Co-Founder of W7Worldwide. ‘Ramadan is one of the biggest marketing seasons around the world and highest in the Middle East & Asia Pacific regions.  Social media and media consumption also dramatically increase during the month.  It is a time when brands benefit by promoting social good values such as charity, generosity, community, and religious devotion to a highly captive audience.’

Any content strategy at this time needs to build the core pillars and create key messages that sum up the Ramadan CSR campaign goals and proactively engage target audiences and stakeholders.  Companies can connect with internal and external audiences via the right communication channels using tactics, such as video, podcasts, blog posts, and social media.  Covid-19 government guidelines and public health campaigns need to be reinforced to demonstrate responsible citizenship. Islamic Centers play an important role this year during the most significant religious occasion for Muslims, bringing prayers into people’s homes and helping to create a more family-oriented Ramadan.

Step up and be a leader during this challenging time for the world. Reinforce the spirit of Ramadan, even though this year’s event comes amid exceptional circumstances that disrupt one of the most valued traditions for Muslims. Create a sense of purpose and excitement to generate positivity, optimism, and perseverance.

Ramadan is the time for individual and corporate giving and an opportunity to win lasting brand loyalty with a relevant Covid-19 CSR campaign that creates tangible community benefit and lasting goodwill for your brand. W7Worldwide’s experienced Corporate Communications team is advising both local and international clients to help plan and manage their Ramadan 2020 Corporate Social Responsibility Programs around Covid-19.