As the annual Hajj pilgrimage approaches and Muslims worldwide prepare to fulfill this sacred obligation, W7Worldwide, an award-winning marketing communications consultancy, has released a powerful video titled “Excellence in Crowd Management”. The video sheds light on the remarkable efforts of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in serving the “Guests of Allah” – the pilgrims.

 The 1.07-minute video showcases the Kingdom’s dedication to providing comprehensive services and mobilizing vast human and material resources to ensure a smooth and spiritually enriching Hajj experience.

 The short video opens with a glimpse into the heart of Saudi Arabia: a rich culture, deeply rooted in Islamic tradition, where the people take immense pride in serving the pilgrims. As the Kingdom embarks on a remarkable cultural renaissance, under the wise leadership – may Allah protect them, by deploying cutting-edge services and technological solutions to ensure the comfort of pilgrims and their convenience throughout their Holy journey.

 Expanded Facilities and Increased Capacity

 The video then focuses on the government’s commitment to serving pilgrims through extensive preparations and facilities. A key project is the third Expansion of the Grand Mosque, significantly increasing the total capacity. The expansion adds 345,000 square meters, accommodating 300,000 worshippers, with additional courtyards and bridges bringing the total capacity to 566,000.

Beyond increased capacity, the expansion features the “Masateeb,” a dedicated service building spanning a vast 730,000 square meters, welcoming an additional 264,000 worshippers. Ensuring pilgrim comfort, the Grand Mosque and the Prophet’s Mosque are equipped with air conditioning, sound, and visual systems, smart doors, escalators and elevators, and dedicated pilgrim transport vehicles facility.

Crowd Management Expertise

 Moving on to crowd management, the video highlights the Kingdom’s unparalleled achievements. Millions of pilgrims from across the globe converge during Hajj, and the Kingdom stands as a global leader in managing these massive crowds.  Decades of experience in organizing successful Hajj seasons have honed their expertise, enabling them to seamlessly accommodate millions of pilgrims despite diverse nationalities, cultures, and languages.

Next, we see the efficiency of the stoning ritual (Ramy al-Jamarat), particularly for pilgrims with disabilities. The advanced design of the Jamarat Bridge in Mina ensures a smooth and secure experience for all. Its six levels, each with a capacity of 120,000 pilgrims per hour, bring the bridge’s total capacity to a staggering 500,000 pilgrims per hour.

 Elevating Hajj with Digital Innovations

 This Hajj season, the Kingdom is pioneering a suite of cutting-edge digital experiences to elevate the pilgrimage journey. These innovations prioritize comfort, safety, and efficient movement between the Holy sites.

One such highlight is the “Lilium” air taxi, a game-changer in vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) technology. This spacious aircraft boasts speeds of up to 250 kilometers per hour, offering a seamless shuttle service between airports and hotels for pilgrims.

The video further showcases the expanded use of drones for multiple purposes. Thermal imaging technology assists in road network assessments, while drones monitor pilgrim flow at the Holy sites. This technology also facilitates the swift delivery of blood units and lab samples between hospitals within the sacred precincts.

 Enhancing the Hajj Experience with AI

In its unwavering commitment to enriching pilgrims’ spiritual and cultural journeys, the Kingdom seamlessly integrated cutting-edge technologies and artificial intelligence (AI) to streamline the Hajj experience. This year’s innovative tools like the “Nasak” Smart Hajj Bracelet provide comprehensive information about each pilgrim, including personal details, health status, and location. This enables swift identification and assistance when needed.

Complementing the bracelet is the Smart Hajj Card, a one-stop resource for pilgrims. It stores personal and accommodation data, guides pilgrims to their designated locations within the Holy sites, controls access to various facilities, and helps curb irregular Hajj practices.

Further enhancing the experience, the video delves into the activation of the Fatwa Robot service. This innovative platform addresses pilgrims’ religious inquiries and provides real-time Hajj-related guidance. Through direct visual communication, pilgrims can connect with a team of qualified Muftis who offer accurate and timely fatawa (Islamic rulings) in multiple languages, 24/7.

 Enhanced Experience Through Technology

The video also highlights the deployment of additional cutting-edge technologies to enhance the Hajj experience. Smart cleaning robots ensure the continued cleanliness of the Holy sites, while a network of multilingual guidance and assistance services operate around the clock to support pilgrims.

Recognizing the importance of cultural and intellectual enrichment, the Kingdom presents captivating digital and physical exhibitions within the Grand Mosque and the Prophet’s Mosque. These exhibitions showcase the landmarks and digital services available, while also offering educational content that deepens religious understanding and fosters a deeper spiritual connection to the Holy sites.  Additionally, pilgrims have access to the vast knowledge housed within the libraries of both Mosques.