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The needs and wants of consumers are rapidly shifting, demanding companies and retailers to enhance brand engagement. This calls for strong and innovative marketing communication that will establish a long-lasting bond between organizations and their audiences.

We utilize numerous elements to get the word out about your brand including securing top media placements, planning events, coordinating giveaways and contests, conducting social media research, utilizing gift bags, finding celebrity gifting suites, landing sponsorship deals, creating charitable ties and countless more. We have worked closely with numerous brands, charities and companies to cultivate and expand their visibility.

W7Worldwide Public Relations has built relationships with consumers, developing emotional ties, connections and ultimately influencing purchasing choices. Successful consumer products PR allows consumers to identify with a certain brand by attaching the values and concerns of the target shopper. Reason compels the consumer to then feel the need to buy a product and then emotion determines which particular product is actually purchased. We use this skillset to work with food, beverage, personal care, apparel and household products and then know which messages need to be heard and seen in order to deliver the results you expect.

W7Worldwide holds strong experience in this industry having represented numerous brands. Our approach of establishing substantial brands is data-driven, where consumer feedback and insights serve as our foundation of strategies. Using this information to our advantage, we apply our innovation and creativity, transforming everyday products to meaningful necessities.


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