W7Worldwide is no stranger to handling the first of its kind events or brand introduction into the Saudi market. It was a time when Vision 2030 was first introduced to the Saudi public that sought to change the Kingdom’s economy and culture. We were tasked to handle the very sensitive communications of Cinema 70 which is the first ever cinema/movies brand in Saudi Arabia.

After the ban of almost 40 years, cinema was reintroduced to Saudi Arabia and for this reason, we needed to be careful with our communications and at the same time, speak the language of the target audience to maximize appeal and minimize any negative impact.


The main challenge for us was to change perception of the cinema and to build the profile of it in Saudi Arabia which will serve as the threshold for cinema communications in the future.

The strategy set focused on introducing the cinema as not a new concept in Saudi Arabia, rather, it has been brought back to Saudis after years of banning. The first ever cinema screening was held in partnership between Cinema 70 and the General Entertainment Authority, a government entity.

Through employing the expertise of cinema and movie consultants and content creators we started to lay the ground work for the platform in a way that avoids the possibility of a crisis or negative feedback and the team developed several scenarios and likely outcomes.

The 360-degree platform focused on Public Relations and social media to create a Buzz around the brand in the Saudi market.


1,964,250,830 impressions.


3 Million impressions

Impressions on Twitter

The results of the social media campaign were extremely successful as W7Worldwide social media team focused on using videos to attract the attention of the target audience.

Owing to it being a family occasion, since the launch of the cinema focused on inviting families exclusively, we focused on creating activities on the ground that will support the launch of the cinema. These activities included face painting, kids activities and booths, inviting Benaa, an educational development service provider to identify the kids talents therefore providing an even extended value.

Furthermore, we invited the media outlets to witness the launch of the first ever cinema which was managed on ground by a directors and consultants. Also, we secured several interviews and speaking opportunities for the spokesperson to further highlight the event.