Avaya Spaces Supporting the Kingdom and its people


AYAYA builds innovative solutions to enhance and simplify communications and collaboration – in the cloud, on-premise or a hybrid of both.

As technology partner to numerous government entities and private sector organizations in the country, AVAYA decided to step forward immediately, offering its innovative Spaces solution free to all businesses in support of the Kingdom’s efforts to save lives and livelihoods during the COVID-19 crisis by keeping employees safe and help get the economy moving.

W7Worldwide’s campaign focused on highlighting AVAYA’s tremendous effort and investment to help tackle Covid-19, demonstrating the company’s commitment to society and the community it serves.


This highly relevant initiative required a different way of promoting AVAYA Spaces at a time when businesses were scrambling to maintain their operations.  The W7Worldwide team began with a bang.

We produced a campaign to educate target media outlets about AVAYA Spaces and AVAYA’s proactive efforts to support the business community with its technology to help tackle Covid-19.

Our campaign was designed to raise awareness and outline the benefits of AVAYA Spaces with target audiences and its availability for free.

We designed our strategy around several touchpoints to maximize audience reach, deploying the following tactics:

1-Educating the media about the initiative

The team composed a WhatsApp message sharing it on various groups to introduce the media outlets to the initiative and invite them to trial AVAYA Spaces. This pushed the media to share it across their own groups and peers.

2-Content Development

We focused on providing timely and powerful content highlighting the new product’s positive contribution in a time of need and crisis.

3-CEO Profiling

We produced a Q&A with Rowad Al Amal.

4-Influencer Marketing

We carried out an influencer marketing exercise with prominent tech influencer Newtech who gave a positive review of the product.




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