Bayzat: Empowering HR in Saudi Arabia


Bayzat is a UAE-based digital disruptor specialising in HR, Payroll, and Employee Benefits platforms. Its mission is to revolutionise the work-life experience for enterprises across the Middle East by providing process efficiency and significant advantages to employees.
W7Worldwide supported Bayzat’s vision to achieve breakthrough awareness with relevant target audiences in Saudi Arabia. We built a campaign on Bayzat’s key points of difference in innovation, showcased their services and sought to create a dialogue with relevant media for future communications.

We researched the brand strengths of Bayzat and mapped them against key target audiences within KSA, such as HR professionals of large and medium-sized companies and employees who would be able to see the efficiency impacts of Bayzat’s platform.



Using our customised media relations database, we developed a detailed list of relevant media outlets who would be interested in hearing the Bayzat story.

Bayzat’s business model is built around the possibilities afforded by the digital transformation the world is currently witnessing. We sought to leverage this wider point and showcase how Bayzat’s services help business transformation.

We recognised this can be a challenging concept to communicate, so our strategy was focused on longer-form articles and media interviews to give Bayzat’s senior leaders the opportunity they needed to explain the advantages provided by the HR platform.

We adopted a drip-feed approach to the campaign, highlighting different aspects of Bayzat’s services to create a more rounded view of the brand offer. We prepared a long-form article highlighting Bayzat’s potential to ‘electrify’ the Saudi Arabian workplace with its time-saving digitised platform. This gave exposure to Bayzat’s CEO, who authored the article.

A second strand of activity focused on Bayzat’s ability to empower Saudi Arabian companies with greater control and analysis of HR processes. We prepared a press release and secured an interview for Bayzat’s CEO in Riyadh Daily. We made all materials available in both Arabic and English, and our team worked extensively with the relevant media contacts to optimise the coverage for our client.

For these two bursts of activity, we achieved extensive media coverage for Bayzat in both Arabic and English-language media, securing 47 news articles and near 950,000,000 impressions. This work established Bayzat’s voice within the Saudi Arabian market and built an excellent media platform for future communications.


51 Clippings


40,054,793 Impressions