Bupa Arabia: Launching the region’s new healthcare insurance HQ


Bupa Arabia for Cooperative Insurance is the leading healthcare insurance provider for Saudi Arabia. The company has gone from strength to strength, most recently signalling its continued commitment to the Kingdom by opening its new regional headquarters in King Abdullah Financial District (KAFD) in Riyadh. 

W7Worldwide took on the challenge of promoting Bupa Arabia’s new investment as a statement of intent by the company, clearly linking itself with the future prosperity of Saudi Arabia. We focused on delivering the following objectives:

  • Announcing the opening of Bupa Arabia’s new Riyadh office
  • Highlighting the success and long-term commitment of the company towards Saudi Arabia 
  • Consolidating the position of Bupa Arabia as a leader in the healthcare insurance sector

Although communicating a major office opening may be regarded as a tactical initiative, we researched Bupa Arabia’s positioning to link the company’s strategy closely to Saudi Arabia’s own Vision 2030. This allowed us to create a much stronger strategic narrative for Bupa Arabia in harmony with the progress of the nation. 

Taking the relevant elements of Vision 2030, we positioned Bupa Arabia as being integral to economic diversification and the development of innovative opportunities for the future by creating an attractive local and foreign investment environment. 


We developed a targeted media list of national and specialist news outlets to communicate the office opening. Focusing on major titles such as Arab News, Al Madina, Makkah and Ta’amin wa Masaref among others, we prepared a compelling Press Release. We offered individual follow-up to journalists who wanted to find out more.

By taking a simple announcement of an office opening and clearly positioning Bupa Arabia with Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030, we were able to go beyond the objectives and show how this move signified the client’s long-term commitment to the national well-being of KSA.








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