Empowering the Roles of Women in the Health Insurance Industry


Vision 2030 aims at providing a platform through which it could uplift the talents and future of all Saudis of both genders. It has laid special focus on women in recent years providing them with more opportunities to accomplish their dreams starting with the much waited and needed rights to drive, more job opportunities, rights to travel independently among others. This comes as great news since men and women alike can now support their households.

In our approach to the communications of Bupa Arabia, we sought to the highlight of the theme of the Kingdom’s communications and chose to highlight the efforts of Bupa Arabia to support and empower women working for the company. We looked at the best possible opportunities and we found that Bupa Arabia had a daycare for mothers working for the company to take care of their children while they work.

The team immediately decided that such a topic should be highlighted as Bupa Arabia is one of the very few companies that exerts such an effort for their employees and women especially which goes strongly with the direction of the Kingdom and its aspiring Vision 2030.


The W7Worldwide team always looks for the best content opportunities that will help stress the brands values. We continuously mine for the best information available that will cover a wide range of the target audience and help us deliver the messages to them effectively.

During the time of planning the international women day was approaching and the Kingdom and its leadership were releasing new reforms for women and providing them with more control over their lives. The team saw a great opportunity to capitalize on after having been familiarized with the Daycare at Bupa Arabia.

The concept of the video focused on creating an emotional connection with the target audience and the stakeholders. The team started to brain storm a video that could highlight the daycare and demonstrate its positive implications on the lives of working mothers which empowers them to be achieve their career objectives.

This idea will not only make the daycare visible to the target audience at large, but also government entities who exert a great deal of efforts to ensure that all the needed tools are available for women to further their careers and encourage their development.

The team developed a process through which it can ensure powerful content is developed and the best results are obtained.

What was even more important, is selecting the right time for the publishing the content where it will get the right exposure, for this video, the to be published around the time of women’s month which celebrates their achievement in society.

Identifying the Right Outlet:

During the media relations exercise our team was mindful of the following:

  • Picking the right outlet.
  • The timing of the publishing.
  • The right content development by the right journalist.
  • Conducting the right exercise to educate the media about Bupa Arabia Nursery.

Our Decision was to target Sabq for several reasons:

  • For 2019, we needed to focus our efforts on the Saudi market since the company was in need to gain more publicity in the country to win projects and uplift the brand.
  • We selected Sabq to achieve just that as it has a wide bas e of followers and viewers of 12 million on their website and 12.54 million on their Twitter.


12,700,000 impressions


71,800 views for the video

views for the video

We were able to secure coverage in Saiydaity in the form of an advertorial with 9,700,000 worth of impressions and several media outlets including Al Riyadh, Okaz, Al Madinah, Argaam among others picked up the news therefore earning a total of 28,300,000 worth of impressions.