Citizenship Invest: Stressing the Power of Strategical Communications


Citizenship Invest is one of the oldest most reputable companies within the Citizenship by Investment industry and holds the strongest credentials.

The company was seeking to develop a powerful communications strategy that is able to strengthen the brand’s position as a market leader and highlight its solution and services.

Using a strong strategy, the W7Worldwide seasoned experts were able to achieve the outlined objective by developing the right key messages through a holistic methodology.


Citizenship invest was one of the more challenging clients to develop a communication platform for them since their content was sensitive and required a very careful platform to be built for the purpose of building the key messages that can be disseminated the target audience.

Therefore, the team has acquainted itself with the brand effectively to make sure that we are able to capitalize on the strengthens of brand the benefits it has.

We were able to position citizenship invest as a powerful brand that offers citizenship solutions to people in Saudi Arabia seeking new citizenships.


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