Dragos- Industrial Cybersecurity Expert


Dragos, an international industrial cybersecurity expert that protects governments, companies and critical infrastructure has expanded its operations in the GCC region, establishing its regional headquarters in Riyadh. As a result, Dragos recognized the importance of developing a positive, localized PR strategy.


We designed a campaign to highlight the critical role that Dragos plays in the region, through its active participation in the Saudi community and its protection of critical infrastructure.

W7Worldwide sought to draw media attention to Dragos’ expansion in Saudi Arabia and its training of ICS/OT cybersecurity talent in the area. The key challenge was to tie the strategy into the Vision 2030 goals, which was vital for communicating to our target audiences of government entities, corporates, private sector companies, SMEs, and critical infrastructure organizations.

Our research reviewed government initiatives and announcements, particularly any priorities or policies relating to Vision 2030, and drew on specialist cybersecurity studies focused on Saudi Arabia, government and Fintech Saudi reports. Our media relations team curated targeted lists to support both traditional and digital PR strategies and to complement our existing relationships with relevant media outlets.

We created a full communications program of informative content grounded in this research. We focused our communications strategy on earned media. We sent a press release to a number of major news outlets in Saudi Arabia, such as Zawya, Al-Yaum, RiyadhDaily, and Nabd, as well as to a curated list of tech influencers and specialist journalists.

The success of the strategy was underpinned by our meticulous attention to detail. We arranged telephone and online briefings with influential journalists to creatively communicate the importance of Dragos to the growth of the region.

Our campaign with Dragos was a massive success. We translated a complex, technical, and information-heavy subject into engaging and compelling content, and exceeded our client’s initial objectives by engaging specialized professionals and clients.

By positioning Dragos as an international company deeply linked to the Kingdom and its future goals, we expanded its brand awareness across target media outlets. Our compelling copy engaged cybersecurity specialist audiences and educated those yet to fully understand its potential.


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