A very Happy Eid to all our readers! We, at W7Worldwide, wish you and your families a blessed Eid and holiday season, filled with love, laughter, happiness, kindness, health and safety.

Families in Hijaz have their own, unique way of celebrating Eid Al-Fitr. Here are three delightful reasons to observe this Muslim festival in Hijaz:

1-Debyaza Jam and Laddu Sweets: Debyaza Jam is a popular dessert served after Eid prayers. It consists of Qamar Al-Din (apricot juice) and nuts, and the texture resembles that of jam or candy (Khashaf). The dish is generally homemade and each family has their own, unique style of presentation. The Laddu Sweet is a dessert originating in South Asia and popular in countries such as India and Pakistan. These are balls chiefly made of flour and sugar and are easy to prepare and serve during the holidays.

2- Streets Party: The streets and alleys of all neighborhoods are lined with carpets, lanterns and other seating arrangements for people to get together during Eid. This provides a perfect opportunity for men and children to enjoy the real essence of Eid and get into the festive mood.

3-Folk dances: Several folk dances are performed by men in traditional dresses and turbans on the special occasion of Eid. These include Al-Mizmar, Al-Harabi, Al-Majror, and Al- Rifihi

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