On the middle of the western coast of the Arabian Gulf, the world’s attention has turned towards Qatar since 2022. This is a country known for its success in attracting global attention to its international events and for introducing the traditional Gulf attire, the “Bisht”, to honor the football icon, Messi. Qatar represents a blend of modernity and Gulf social traditions that characterizes the entire region’s inhabitants. This will be the subject of our blog posts for this year.
At W7Worldwide, a strategic communications and media consultancy, we began our blog series in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (to read the blog posts, click here), and reaching a neighboring Arab country, Qatar.
Strategic location… and success in hosting events:
The state of Qatar is located on the eastern side of the Arabian Gulf. Its political capital is the city of Doha. It shares land borders with Saudi Arabia to the south and maritime borders with the United Arab Emirates and the Kingdom of Bahrain. Qatar consists of several islands and is characterized by its wealth and high income, along with its advancements in human development.
Qatar holds the distinction of being the first Arab country to host the FIFA World Cup and will also host the Asian Games in the year 2030. Its diverse population makes it one of the ideal destinations for tourism and travel. Additionally, Qatar excels in sports, media, politics, and economics.
Qatar… A Tourist Destination Since the World Cup
Qatar awaits you as your next destination, especially if you are an advocate for creating a better environment for the entire world. The Expo Doha 2023 will showcase diverse ideas that will inspire you in this area, and it will remain open during Ramadan this year. Additionally, Qatar is one of the most welcoming countries to visitors, as citizens of 102 nationalities can enter without a visa. You will find plenty of diverse destinations for leisure and shopping, such as Waqif Souq, the Museum of Islamic Art, the National Museum of Qatar, and the Pearl Island. Moreover, there are numerous tourist villages rich in culture, beautiful gardens, and water parks, such as Katara Village, Aspire Park, and The Pearl-Qatar. Furthermore, there are many options for malls, religious sites, and beaches to visit. For more information, you can visit TripAdvisor’s guide to the best tourist activities in Qatar.
Ramadan at Qatar
The series will be divided into several topics that will be presented periodically on the 7th day of the holy month as follows:
1-The Seventh Day: 7 Distinctive Dishes on the Qatari Ramadan Table.
2- The Seventeenth Day: 4 Qatari Ramadan Traditions.
3- The Twenty-Seventh Day: What Do We Recommend When Spending Ramadan in Qatar?
4- The Seventh Day of Shawwal: Social Bonding in Qatari Eid.
We hope you enjoy joining us on this journey to explore the various forms of social communication in Qatar. Blessed Ramadan to all.