Saudi Arabia’s southern region is well-known for the preservation of its heritage, originality and its social unity that is reflected in several traditional practices. W7Worldwide team presents to you some of these practices which include:

  1. Celebratory gunfire

Celebratory gunfire in the mountains or the rooftops of buildings and houses is one of the ways by which the people of Asir welcome Ramadan. In the past, they used to light fires in the hills to inform people of the beginning of the holy month or that the suhoor time is approaching. In Jizan, similar welcome is given by the people through the sound of mortar and loud chants. The Mesaharati (the person responsible for waking up people before dawn) and Al-Bruqi (trumpet) are also part of the southern Ramadan traditions, as they are in the rest of the Kingdom.

  1. Reading Qur’an among family

In the holy month, families, friends and neighbors come together specifically for the purpose of reciting the holy Qur’an. This helps in establishing a sense of spirituality and brotherhood among them.

  1. Henna

In some southern regions, it is common for women to apply henna on their hair, hands and feet on the occasion of Ramadan. They also use basil and perfume as part of the preparations.

  1. Ramadan decorations

In the south, men wear their most beautiful traditional or modern clothes doused in liberal amounts of perfume while going for Isha and Tarawih prayers. This is also a time to socialize, as after the prayer, they meet friends and hang out for a chitchat. Meanwhile, in preparation for Ramadan, women decorate their houses, especially in white color on the outside, and clean and renovate furniture or get new ones. Special corners in the house are allotted for Ramadan decorations. In Jizan and Najran, lanterns containing sweets are hung out for the children.

  1. Iftar in mosques and neighbors’ generosity

One of the most beautiful aspects of Ramadan in the south is the generosity of its people. Children go to the mosques bearing food and drinks to distribute to the needy and orphans, and receive the reward for feeding fasting persons. This is also a time when neighbors come offering their best cooked meals

  1. Ramadan baskets and alms

The people of the south are distinguished by their giving nature. Food baskets are distributed to those in need during the holy month; this is a gesture that is prevalent in all regions of the Kingdom as well. There are special stalls in the market laid out with all kinds of vegetables, fruits, eatables and juices during the night, in cities like Al-Baha.

  1. Ramadan activities and good food


The southern region of Saudi Arabia is characterized by its cultural diversity. That is why when people come together in Ramadan, they indulge in a variety of activities and there is something for everyone.  Some prefer moderate entertainment while others such as the children get busy with sports. Families and friends gather around good food and listen to awareness talks about the holy month. Ramadan camps are also organized here.