W7Worldwide for Strategic and Media Consulting has released a short video clip on the occasion of International Women’s Day, which is celebrated every year on March 8. The one-minute-two-second video highlights the role of women in the success and development of the people in their lives, and of society at large.

The short clip celebrates women as the perfect mother, wife, sister and daughter, who give beauty and meaning to life.

Special emphasis is on the all-important role of the mother, who acts a teacher for generations. A mother is responsible for raising and guiding her children, as well as taking care of their health and personality. It is the mother who provides her children with strength, perseverance and a strong will that enables them to achieve their goals and dreams.

The video also spotlights the role of a wife, who makes the home a happy place for the husband and children. She acts as a source of encouragement and support for her husband, motivating him to achieve more successes. Indeed, behind every successful man is a woman.

Moreover, the video celebrates women as daughters, whose laughter lights up the house and who are always fun to be around. Women are also sisters, acting as a source of strength and eternal friendship for their sisters and brothers, and bringing about social harmony in the family.

The video ends by thanking all the amazing women in our lives, without whom there is no success or happiness.

In 1975, the United Nations officially recognized March 8 as International Women’s Day and since then, the global organization has marked the occasion with different themes every year. The aim is to celebrate women, their courage, political achievements, socioeconomic successes, their exceptional roles in life and decision-making, and to show respect and appreciation for them.

It is worth mentioning that even though women’s day was officially recognized in 1975, the idea of this day emerged much before that, out of the strikes and protests that were organized to spread awareness about the inequality between men and women. These protests began in 1856 when thousands of women took to the streets of New York City to oppose inhumane conditions in which they were being forced to work. Similar scenes were seen on March 8, 1908, when 15,000 women marched through New York City demanding voting rights and fewer working hours.