Measurement of success is a key part of every strategy, whether in the communications industry or any other industry. It is the step-through which an organization is able to measure its investment and its results in various departments and aspects of the business and Social media campaigns are is no different. The five key business metrics that you can employ to measure your social media success are volume, customer engagement, leads, influence, and content amplification.


The most basic and most convenient metric for measuring social media success is volume. Volume is a very helpful indicator of interest as customers are likely to discuss the things they like or dislike. It is essential to evaluate the number of messages regarding your brand and the number of individuals who are discussing your brand, and track how these numbers eventually modify.

Customer Engagement

This is one of the most significant aspects of social media that should be measured to find out the success level of your brand/campaign. Most of the customers are not just following your channel, but also reading and engaging with your content. On more or less al social media platforms, your content can be shared and commented on. Customer engagement can be measured by analyzing the total views, likes on a company’s social media accounts, and comments on the posts.


Lead generation is a very critical factor mainly because it facilitates your business and your official website to generate massive traffic, leading to higher sales figures and better conversion rates. Businesses with marketing automation solutions being integrated into their CRM system can easily track any leads from social media to find out which content significantly pitched in towards a specific deal.


In accordance with past activities, marketers can make assumptions about the level of influence someone will have in the future. This kind of potential influence is helpful in deciding who to connect with during the execution of your campaign.

Content Amplification

Content amplification is a practice that can provide incredible results by developing your audience, establishing, and generating new ways to drive leads and sales. It should be noted that content amplification is not just one strategy or method. The practice of content amplification incorporates a number of individual methods of strengthening the reach of your content.

Both stability and preparation are important for successful evaluating social media success so you should select the most suitable metric for business and start tracking them at once! Employ the same methods to evaluate these figures over time and notice how these statistics are changing. Investigate as soon as you notice something that is not what you usually expect. Evaluation of these five social media metrics will give you a better understanding of the influence and success of your social media activities.