While the advent of social media might make companies seeking to create awareness think that it is now easier to create awareness through social media, this is not always the case. In fact, if not controlled properly, social media can often lead to misinformation about companies. This is where the importance of consistency in PR is imperative. Consistency leads to understanding, awareness and loyalty. Ultimately, consistency leads to trust. As an organization, if you’re not consistent in how you’re communicating, you’re missing the mark.

Consistency means always behaving or performing to a consistent quality and standard that works. In this context, having a coherent communications message through building powerful key messages is key because it makes it easier for consumers to remember your brand.

From a public relations standpoint, it is important to inspire confidence and a sense of reliability in a company’s brand – for this to happen, the company’s message must remain consistent.

Consistent campaigns are effective in introducing a brand.

One of the most important things in building a brand is promoting the key messages, over and over again. The marketing rule of 7 states that a consumer needs to see the organization’s message seven times before they can remember it. Consistently promoting the company’s message over the course of the campaign is therefore key to success.

Repeat exposure-based research could build better credibility.

Exposure based on research can work.

This is because the more often you see an idea, the more credible it becomes especially when supplemented by research. So, the more frequently your organization features in the media with numbers, stats and figures, the more credible the institution as a whole becomes.

Key spokespersons

The media favors expert opinions, solid ways to back up the arguments being made in their stories. It is important therefore to adopt a strategy that identifies key spokespeople for the company and empowers them with the right, consistent corporate key messages. This will not only avoid misinformation and confusion but also contribute significantly to creating a memorable and trusted brand. That being said, it takes time to build a relationship with a journalist and to become one of their go-to spokespeople.