W7Worldwide for Strategic and Media Consulting Agency has launched a short video to commemorate the start of the holy month of Ramadan. The 53-second clip highlights the many “doors” or opportunities for giving and doing charity in the holy month, including donating to those in need, visiting your loved ones and being kind to animals.

Indeed, Ramadan is a time for us to practice good habits and behaviours.

The video highlights the importance of this blessed month and how it is the perfect time to imbibe good values in children. We should teach the young to give charity, and encourage them to be generous. We should show them how fasting teaches us to be more sympathetic towards the poor and needy so that the children rush to give.

The video spotlights different acts of goodness in Ramadan, one of which is to help others in whichever way we can. Children, if taught from a young age, will not forget these good habits when they grow up.

The video touches upon the all-important act of worshipping Allah SWT in the holy month. It is an occasion when families and friends gather together for iftar and suhoor, thereby strengthening the bonds of brotherhood and love. Muslims go to mosques multiple times in a day for prayers, and for the remembrance of Allah SWT.

One of the doors of goodness in Ramadan highlighted in the video is taking care of animals, providing them with food and water, and protecting them from any harm.

The video concludes with the message that the doors of giving are many and varied in Ramadan, and we should all strive to increase in righteousness, strengthen our bond with our loved ones, and seek as many blessings as we can throughout the days and nights of the holy month.