W7Worldwide, an award-winning marketing communication consultancy agency, has released an excellent video, “Knights of Hajj”, which weaves the story of outstanding services and the meticulous planning and preparations by the Saudi authorities.

The 76-second video (https://bit.ly/3NCx5Rv) portrays the essence of the extraordinary spiritual journey, capturing viewers’ attention.

Performing Hajj is a lifetime achievement for Muslims, who come from all parts of the world to perform the revered rituals of the pilgrimage. The awe-inspiring journey of devotion and self-discovery unifies believers, transcending borders and symbolizing a profound display of faith. Saudi Arabia considers it a divine duty to serve the guests of Hajj and spares no effort in organizing exceptional services that enhance a pilgrim’s experience.

The short video begins by taking us first to the airport where customs officials take a mere 20 minutes to clear Hajj papers by processing necessary procedures with commendable efficiency.

It then focuses on dedicated scouts, ever ready to volunteer their selfless services and invaluable assistance to the administration during the pilgrimage. The video talks about the Saudi Post, which helps pilgrims by offering mobile facilities that cater to their document and luggage requirements.

Next, we see the Red Crescent’s emergency teams stand vigilant, ready to act swiftly and decisively to ensure the safety and well-being of the pilgrims at all times.

Over 2000 highly qualified volunteers selflessly offer their services to the Hajj guests, embodying the spirit of hospitality and selflessness. Their tireless efforts contribute to the seamless execution of this extraordinary spiritual journey.

To facilitate pilgrims’ seamless movement, an integrated transportation system is also in place providing transport efficiency and accessibility.

Complementing this vast infrastructure, a comprehensive communication system, including a 24/7 multilingual WhatsApp service, comes as a vital lifeline, readily available to address pilgrims’ queries and concerns, according to the video.

“Knights of Hajj” showcases the potential of AI technologies during Hajj, which plays a pivotal role in guiding pilgrims from diverse linguistic backgrounds. With AI-powered guidance available in 10 languages, pilgrims receive detailed instructions and assistance during their sacred journey.

The unwavering commitment to security measures ensures the utmost well-being of the pilgrims, resulting in a Hajj incident-free last year.

The video goes on to highlight Saudi planning even beyond the Hajj season, as the Kingdom undertakes continued research to enhance the Hajj experience.