For CEOs and C-Suite Executives, their leadership brand matters. Employees trust you to follow your lead, you define the vision for the business, get everyone aligned and moving in the same direction. Equally, companies with exceptional and respected leaders have a head start when it comes to positive reputation.  You will be more appealing to customers, investors, the media, and the best talent.

Lead by Example

Without deciding who you are and making a commitment to follow-through, you cannot create a trustworthy brand.  As the CEO and leader of your business, the process always begins with you; your interest, passion, and commitment to a set of values that guide your culture. Taking the time to define your values, embody and communicate them are some of the most vital things you can do to promote a thriving culture.

Engage in Social Media

With the rise of social media and people’s increasing expectations from leaders to be transparent, accessible, and purpose-driven, C-Suite brand positioning has become an important aspect of running a business. Every business and organisation these days has a social media presence.  But what about the people running these organisations?  More than two billion people are on social media, with the average user dedicating around 2 hours per day to browse their way through their social feeds. Having a presence on social media will demonstrate that the CEO is invested, cares and is very much actively involved.  If you are on social media, employees will feel a connection with you, ultimately making you more personable and relatable.

Industry Awards

Winning industry awards gives significant credibility, visibility and the opportunity to tell your story.  It will also help focus your mind as part of the preparation process when compiling a compelling award submission around why you and your company should win. At the same time, recognition given to your company’s C-Suite leaders will strengthen the brand and motivate the team.

Speaking Opportunities

Successful leadership profiling is all about being visible and creating a strong narrative.  Speaking at events related to your industry, market, or specialism about topics you know and are passionate about will grow your network, your business and build your leadership brand. Identify the right events where your target audience is going to be, build a relationship and leverage this to secure your place as a keynote speaker or panel expert.

Thought Leadership

Thought leadership is about sharing your views that are thought provoking for people in the industry. This comes from having unique expertise, experience, or an outlook that makes your views insightful for others. Effective thought leadership is all about providing insightful and valuable views instead of promoting yourself or your brand. The topics can be around insights on industry trends, your experiences and learnings, challenges faced in your industry, and also personal stories about what motivates you. Have a relevant, compelling point of view, be accessible, share your expertise and shape the story around your unique perspective.

Media Training

Professional media training helps CEOs and C-Suite executives to develop the skills they need to get their message across with impact. It also prepares them to be able to deal with a potential PR crisis, particularly, as social media has become a 24/7 digital press room. It is therefore imperative they understand the role they play as a spokesperson.  With the right training, practice, and confidence most C-Suite executives can master the art of the interview.

Exceptional talent is a fundamental asset of any organization, and that talent is particularly important in the C-Suite. In today’s multi-channel, social media driven world, they must learn to communicate effectively, take control of the narrative and shape their leadership persona.