Opening a PR agency and getting the clients is a hard game. In this kind of business, clients are the name of the game. You need to catch them, charm them and retain them.

The most important step to start with in order to attract a client, whether you are a new, existing, small or large PR agency is to figure out the sweet spot and the kind of PR you can best deliver to clients. Once you get the hold of your prospects on your own or through a referral, the first thing you should know is what are the PR goals and the PR needs of the clients. As a PR agency, you should make sure to meet those goals and deliver on those needs.

Once the initial step of understanding is formed, the PR agency should make a contract with the client in order to get a confirmation and also a commitment to the PR program set by the agency and that the client has the budget to meet the agency’s financial needs for the account. Also, the contract will offer a clear and written understanding of the scope of the work and the responsibilities of both parties to avoid any confusion.

The next step in it would be to implement the services to the clients. To get the best results as a PR agency you should always communicate often through emails, phone calls, meetings and regular activity reports. Treat your clients with professionalism and courtesy in order to maintain the trust and faith between each other.

Make sure you have the knowledge of the PR industry or the media and project yourself as a PR expert to impress the clients. Let the client know that you are open to new ideas.

Moving ahead, the PR agency should maintain a dedicated staff who are always on the loop and reachable by the client. When there is good news on media interest or situations, share them with the client on a timely basis. They will appreciate hearing it from you and you can work with them on the next steps. Don’t hesitate to inform them, whether it’s a good or bad data. This will show you as a PR person or PR agency very straightforward and honest.

If the agency succeeds to achieve the trust of the clients and everything goes smoothly between the agency and the clients, the contract can be renewed or expanded to include other PR services. Once the client likes you, they can always think of referring you to someone else who needs PR, or perhaps it will lead to a new project at the same company or another division at the company.

Basically, the best way to get new business is to get a referral from an existing client or colleagues as it is the greatest testimonial of your work. Also going out to events and networking with prospective clients can start you on the road to signing a new client.

Moreover, be in good books of the clients, take them out for lunch time to time, get to know them, see how they are doing, see how business is going and see what more you can do for them. It’s all about understanding their business and helping it grow, while at the same time you are helping your own PR agency to grow and marketing yourself and maintaining stable long-term potential clients.