Rising against all odds during COVID-19, leading independent Saudi marketing communications agency W7Worldwide reports its most successful year yet with multiple prestigious international and regional industry award wins and a diverse high-level client roster. The agency released its 2020/2021 annual report outlining its achievements and outstanding innovative campaigns during the global Covid-19 pandemic, which contributed to reinforcing the crucial role of the communications function for business success and survival. (Check the full report here)


With 5 regional and global Public Relations and Communications Industry Awards, and 51 nominations, W7Worldwide established its position as the GCC region’s leading independent agency in 2020.  This includes PRCA (Public Relations and Communications Association) MENA Digital, MEPRA (Middle East Public Relations Association), ICCO (International Communications Consultancy Organization), and most recently PRCA MENA.

Abdullah Inayat, Co-founder and Director at W7Worldwide, stated that the pandemic proved the vital importance of the communications function to help businesses navigate the crisis successfully. “At W7Worldwide, we are proud to have contributed to the collective efforts of supporting local, regional, and international business leaders with our award-winning dedicated COVID-19 Resource Centre of free to download expert corporate communications guides, reports and tools”.

Additionally, Abdulrahman Inayat, Co-founder and Director at W7Worldwide, said: “COVID-19 showed us that resilience and dynamic thinking are key to sustaining business even during the harshest of times”, he added, “2020 was a tough year, full of sudden and unexpected communications challenges and changes in the wider public relations sector, yet, we managed to excel, stay creative, competitive and on top of our game by helping our clients navigate the crisis successfully”.

The report shows how W7Worldwide’s innovative and powerful communication strategies produced successful results, harnessing new opportunities, and turning hardships into blessings, especially as 2020 proved to be unpredictable, challenging and highly demanding on the entire business community in the Kingdom, the region and globally. The agency stepped up and rose to the challenge going above and beyond to serve clients with dedication and diligence.

W7Worldwide’s Annual Report is packed with testimonials endorsing the agency’s consistent professionalism in supporting the communications efforts of significant industry players with local, regional and international economic weight across sectors that include corporate, HVAC, technology, logistics, health insurance, oil & gas, cybersecurity and information security. This was reflected in the high level of media coverage and outreach achieved, generating millions of views, and the positive media impact that reached 110%, including press services, motion graphics, communication management for virtual conferences and other effective services.

W7Worldwide’s successful year reinforces that there has never been a better opportunity for the PR and Communications profession to come into its own to join corporate decision makers and play an active role in determining the new strategies companies and organizations adopt to grow and prosper as we move forward with national and global COVID-19 recovery efforts.