“Good products sell themselves” is a belief that should well be relegated to the dustbins of marketing hearsay. Because many times, people do not know about the existence of your product. If they do, they may not know what you know about the product. Moreover, they may not even be aware about a problem they have until you tell them and show them how to solve it.

When companies make a good product, it is the job of PR, in coordination with marketing efforts, to bring that product into people’s minds and conversations happening in the living room. When you help them discover a good product they can benefit from, both sides win.

People’s buying decisions are often based on their understanding of the good the product may have for them. PR, when effectively done, ensures that consumers have all the information they need, which is given out through credible sources via the most relevant platforms.

A seasoned PR practitioner would know how to highlight your best products, without overselling them, while at the same time, publicize a mediocre product, improving its image in the minds of the people.

The truth is, consumers do not buy products; they buy brands. And brands are nothing without the reputation and trust they have enjoyed over the years, thanks to PR, in most cases. After all, PR is all about building trust and long-lasting relationships, the returns for which are visible in a positive corporate image and improved sales.

How PR helps your product?

  • Good products could sell well if an only if a full strategy is set in place to market the product and one of the key pillars is establishing a PR strategy. Bad products do not sell, PR or not.

  • Create an internal and external communications plan that will build a platform through which you can talk about your product.

  • Hire the right expertise that will enable you to focus on the strengthens of your products and develop its weaknesses to make sure the products sell.

  • It is important to understand that PR’s does not focus on generating leads, but establishing and cementing the company’s reputation in the market.