When the southern region of Saudi Arabia is mentioned, its authenticity, centuries’ old traditions, and distinct Ramadan practices and social communication habits are inevitably mentioned. W7Worldwide team observed some of the popular features of Ramadan in the southern region which were:

  1. Family social engagements: Families in this part of the Kingdom meet every night after the Taraweeh prayer, to know about each other’s day, play games and competitions, and host singles for breakfast, all of which help to create an atmosphere of familiarity and brotherhood in the holy month. Even though such gatherings may not be a daily occurrence with the newer generations, it is essential that they meet often in the evenings of Ramadan, enabling social communication and bonding.

  1. Early birds: People in the southern region generally do not stay up late, so they may sleep after the Taraweeh prayer and wake up before Suhoor. This practice differs from other regions in Saudi Arabia, where people usually stay up late in the night and sleep only after Fajr.

  1. Age-Old Traditions and Authentic Cuisine: With changing generations, newer Ramadan habits and practices have emerged, such as “Qaraqian” or “Hadda,” involving singing in the night. However, residents in the southern region are keen to maintain the spirituality of the holy month by avoiding any song and dance. They immerse themselves in the traditional acts of worship, which include praying and reciting and listening to the Qur’an. Their tables, meanwhile, offer a blend of both traditional and modern cuisines.