This Ramadan, W7Worldwide travels to the northern part of Saudi Arabia to explore the region’s beauty as well as it’s spiritually that permeates the holy month.

Every year in Ramadan, we publish a series of similar blogs focusing on a certain region of the Kingdom. We have previously covered the central region (click here for more), the eastern region (click here for more), the western region of Hejaz (click here for more), and the southern region. This series takes you to the last of the Saudi regions: The northern region (click here for more).

“Yalla haya hum,” which means “welcome,” is a popular phrase used in the north of Saudi Arabia, located close to Iraq and Jordan with which it shares cultural and social ties. The region boasts a rich history comprising numerous archaeological sites and wildlife parks, making it the preferred destination for camping and hunting enthusiasts.

An Ideal Province

The northern region has three governorates, Rafha, Turaif, and Arar, which is the region’s capital city. Arar takes its name from the juniper trees that grow in abundance in the city’s beautiful valleys. The region, which houses Iraqi refugees, is known for the strong familial ties that it has with those in the Levant region. It’s an ideal destination for those looking to explore the Middle East or experience similar cultural traditions and customs.

Future Calling

The province has potential to become a promising tourist destination, offering a wealth of natural landscapes and scenic areas suitable for camping and adventures. It treasures historical monuments, castles, and inscriptions that provide insight into the region’s rich past. The area is also known for its favorable climate, which is more temperate than that of other regions in the Kingdom.

During the winter, temperatures can drop to a freezing level. In spring, the region is transformed into a lush green carpet, beckoning nature lovers to enjoy nature in all its glory.

Trade and livestock farming are major sources of income in the region. Many large companies and organizations provide services to pilgrims arriving from neighboring countries.

Celebrating Ramadan

W7Worldwide’s Ramadan series aims to capture the mood of the northern region during the holy month to share it with people from across the Kingdom. After all, it is we, the people, who preserve the rich Ramadan traditions, thanks to our social nature and communications with one another. A variety of stories is therefore lined up to be published on specific days of the holy month that consist of the number “7.” In the coming articles, you will read about:

Special dishes during Ramadan are commonly served in the northern region (to be published on the 7th of Ramadan).
7 different ways in which people communicate in the northern region during the holy month (17th Ramadan).
A special story taking a closer look at Al-Ula, Saudi Arabia’s most famous upcoming tourist destination (27th Ramadan).
Importance of social bonding during Eid Al-Fitr (7th Shawwal).

So readers, get ready for a month of informative blogs bringing out the best of the northern region. We promise you a lot of fun and excitement in the days ahead. Don’t forget to join us on this journey to learn more about the Ramadan culture and traditions in the Kingdom’s northern region and the various forms of social communication there.

May your Ramadan be blessed!