W7Worldwide Marketing Communications Consultancy Agency celebrated the 88th National Day by developing a creative motion graphic titled “What does Saudi Arabia Mean to You?”. The objective of the clip, was to remind the Kingdom’s faithful citizens and residents, through five main tracks, of the achievements and the successes of the Kingdom ever since its establishment until today, 23rd of September 2018, and how it continues to thrive.

The strategy adopted by the agency was to focus on the Saudi leadership efforts within the industrial, national security, economic and positive social reform fields. The clip stressed on the importance of simplifying the national day’s emotional significance in the minds of the young before the adults as they are the future of the Kingdom.

W7Worldwide enjoys an extensive experience in the marketing communications field and has employed it to serve the public (government) and the private sector. For this reason, W7Worldwide has been at the forefront of creative communications, successfully bridging clients with their audiences.

With over thirteen years of experience in the field of marketing communications, W7Worldwide has been able to serve over 100 clients in 20 different sectors covering many industries. Through its deep local understanding and global reach, the agency’s qualitative services that include, Research, Media Relations, Brand Solutions & Marketing, Reputation Management, Crisis Management, Stakeholder Mapping & Engagement, and Social Media, has been able to add value through delivering key focused messages to its clients.

W7Worldwide achieved a record jump in 2017, having served eighty six clients in sixteen sectors: Technology, Banking, Medicine, Real Estate, Oil and Gas, Sports, Entertainment, Finance, Conference and Exhibition, Aviation, Automotive, Insurance, Finance and Retail ”

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