Some people wrongly think that PR stands for press release. PR or public relations are much more than press releases and press conferences. Gone are the days when simply sending a press release to an editor meant your task as a PR professional was over. Although a news release does serve a purpose, there are many other ways to reach the audience and touch their lives in meaningful ways, especially in a digitally-savvy consumer community. For instance, having an influencer endorse your product in a video on YouTube or Instagram can prove to be much more effective in getting the word out as well as driving sales. Organizing events for media contacts, educational seminars, product launches or hosting a celebrity for a chat, all of which may be even live streamed on the Internet, is a great way to build essential media relationships and ensure the public is talking about your product for a while.
In addition, companies can build a solid reputation as an authority in the industry by showcasing their expertise and unique ideas via thought leadership. Identifying experts in the company and promoting their ideas at conferences and events, on social media channels and blogs, can all go a long way in generating goodwill about a brand.

How to compose the right strategy?

  • Understand that the PR is an entire process and not just one Press Release or one campaign.

  • Understand your target audience in order to identify the best tools to employ and not just rely on press releases.

  • Stay ahead of the competitors by establishing thought leadership and make a buzz in the market.

Select the right spokespeople to represent your company, its values, its mission and vision and capable of sharing information about the industry.