7 Effective Steps for PR and Communications Agencies to Support Arabic Language

Coinciding with the celebration of the UN Arabic Language Day on the 18th December, W7Worldwide Marketing Communications Consultancy Agency is presenting “the Arabic language Initiative” for PR and Communications agencies.

  • 1st Step: Support Arabic content Creation
  • 2nd Step: Recruit Arabic language qualified and professional competencies
  • 3rd Step: Ensure that the agency’s Arabic content is free of errors.
  • 4th Step: Have a specialized translation team
  • 5th Step: Train the agency’s practitioners to speak and write in Arabic.
  • 6th Step: Adopt knowing the Arabic language as a competitive requirement in job interviews.
  • 7th Step: Work towards raising Arabic competency in teams.

Source: W7Worldwide Marketing Communications Consultancy Agency, 18th Dec 2019