Jeddah, Saudi Arabia:

W7Worldwide, a strategic and media consultancy, has produced a short video clip to mark International Youth Day, which is observed worldwide on August 12. The occasion aims to emphasize the difficulties that young people face in the world and encourages them to develop their skills. (To watch the video:

The video, titled “When you are an influential person who leaves a mark in the community,” begins by introducing the concept of an “influencer” as an individual with huge reach on social media and who enjoys a solid relationship with the viewers, enabling them to influence the latter’s decisions.

The video highlights four influential figures, who left their mark in their respective societies during the year 2020/2021. The first is the Kuwaiti YouTuber Hassan Suleiman, known as “Abu Fella,” who raised $1 million in just 28 hours to provide relief to 100,000 families from the harsh winter cold. This came about through a joint relief campaign with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees.

The second influential personality in the video is Hussein Abdullah, a content creator, who provides informative Arabic content in a fun and interesting manner, with the aim of spreading culture and knowledge. Abdullah has a huge fan base and constantly interacts with his viewers.

Additionally, the video spotlighted Duch Barnard, a travel blogger, who launched a relief campaign for Syrian and Palestinian refugees in Lebanon and documented it this year.

Finally, there is Lubna Al-Khamis, a Saudi podcaster, who became famous in the Arab world through her podcast titled “Abjura,” which tackles various experiences in life. She was honored with the Favorite Influencer Award at the Joy Awards 2022 during the recent Riyadh Season.

After spotlighting the four creative influencers, the clip concludes with a question for young people, asking them about their impact in 2022, with the aim of motivating them to do more and leave their mark in society, in order to build a better future for humanity.

-The End-