The UNESCO proclaimed Feb. 13 as World Radio Day in 2011, which was later adopted by the UN General Assembly in 2012 as an international day, celebrated by radio stations across the world.

On the occasion of World Radio Day this year, W7Worldwide released a short video, highlighting the evolution of radio in Saudi Arabia, how it has kept pace with the evolution of society, as well as the incredible ability of radio to reach the largest number of people despite their diversity.

The 50 second-video reminds us that the sound of the radio is ever present in our vehicles, no matter where we are, and it is a constant companion on the road, thanks to its rich and diverse programs.

Abdulrahman Inayat, Co-Founder and Director of W7Worldwide Marketing Communications Constancy Agency said that, despite the passing of more than a century since the invention of the radio, it remains the most interactive, vibrant, and attractive medium of communication.

Although the world has changed dramatically, radio has evolved at all stages and continues to remain a significant part of people’s lives. It is flexible and has adapted to change, especially by incorporating new technologies in its operations and programming.

Inayat stressed the prominent position of radio in today’s media landscape, owing to its services, especially in times of natural disasters, socioeconomic crises, epidemics, and so on. It has a distinct place within each society as an accessible source of information for all.

Inayat noted that radio will continue to be the most trusted and widely used medium worldwide, as it has been able to constantly adapt to societal shifts and listeners’ needs, while providing a space for everyone to express their views.