Despite the emergence of new age communication channels and the popularity of social media, the good old radio is not going anywhere. Radio has evolved with time and is making its presence felt even today. A companion on the road in our cars or during morning walks, radio is one of the most interactive mediums of mass communication and one that promotes positivity unlike any other medium.

To celebrate the contribution of radio to human civilization, UNESCO declared Feb. 13 as World Radio Day in 2011. On this occasion, W7Worldwide paid tribute to the Saudi Broadcasting Authority, which operates all broadcasting outlets in the Kingdom, including radio channels, via a short video telling the story of the growth of radio in the Kingdom, starting with the establishment of the first Saudi radio station in Jeddah in 1368  Hijri. The video has been posted on W7Worldwide’s social media channels.

Saudi Arabia is in the midst of a massive transformation in all fields including scientific, economic, industrial, media and others. The Saudi Ministry of Information is developing and modernizing the infrastructure of radio stations so that the Kingdom’s message reaches all parts of the world. The Ministry also recognizes radio’s contribution to the development process of the nation, through its awareness and educational programs that remain in the minds of listeners for a very long time.

The Kingdom’s radio channels offer a diverse range of content, ranging from news to sports, Islam, entertainment, music, etc. W7Worldwide’s video aims to celebrate the evergreen radio and recognize the efforts of various local radio stations in promoting national unity.

The six radio channels operating in the Kingdom are:

  • Riyadh Radio:  The channel targets the Saudi listener and represents the values of Arab unity. Its goal is to be among the top three radio stations in the Arab world. The Arabic phrase “Sotak Masmoa” was chosen as its slogan.
  • Jeddah Radio: The channel mainly targets the youth in Saudi Arabia and the wider Gulf region with diverse content. It aims to be the No. 1 youth radio station in the Kingdom and has the slogan “Ala Hawak.”
  • Qur’an Radio: The radio station broadcasts recitations of the Holy Qur’an, its interpretation, science, and other aspects, targeting Muslims all over the world.
  • Nidaa Al-Islam Radio: The station’s mission is to provide religious awareness and advocacy in accordance with moderate Islamic discourse based on the Holy Qur’an and the Prophet’s Sunnah. It aims to be the first prayer station in the Islamic world.
  • Saudi Radio: (Saudia Radio) is a public station in English aimed at providing varying content including news, education, entertainment, recreation, and information about the Kingdom, targeting the different communities of expatriates and English speakers residing in the Kingdom.
  • Saudi International Radio:  This public station offers programs in several languages, namely: French, Urdu, Bengali, Indonesian, Persian, Swahili, Turkish and Turkic. It broadcasts outside the Kingdom as well.